University of Bristol

​This summer has been very academic for us with a fantastic commission to produce over 50 web films for the University of Bristol PR department. The videos cover aspects of academic research and teaching across all 6 faculties and showcase the best of what the university has to offer - everything from Engineering Robots to Theatre Studies.

One highlight, shown here, was filming Professor Mervyn Miles, Head of Nanophysics, using the latest holographic tweezers, complete with cyber-glove, which enable you to manipulate things on a cellular level. In the same way you might squeeze a peach to see if it is ripe, you can now squeeze something as tiny as a cell (some 2/1000 of a millimetre across) and actually feel it with your hand and fingers.

Apparently this is likely to have applications in medicine for people feeling diseased heart tissue. Mind-blowing stuff!

Blue Light Aware

​Do you really know what to do when an Emergency Vehicle approaches?

When Drive Smarter asked us to come and film for their Blue Light Aware campaign, it got us thinking. If an emergency vehicle comes up behind you in a tight spot what should you do? Should you ever go through a red light or go up on to the pavement? And what if there are double white lines?

Armed with Drive Smarter’s carefully worded script, we spent 2 days in April with Fire Engines, Ambulances, Police Cars and bikes. Lights flashing and sirens blaring. We felt the fear of a fire truck coming straight at us, at full tilt, on an airfield. We volunteered to be pulled over by the police. We spent the night in Plymouth’s Fire Station pods.

It was a packed couple of days, and only possible with a host of experts and volunteers. The result is we think we’re much more Blue Light Aware, and we would urge every driver to watch this so they are too!

Check out the Blue Light Aware for more information.

New Bath School Films

​After the success of last year’s Sixth Form video, we were asked to return to the Royal High School Bath to produce two new films. Shooting took place in the Summer and Autumn terms and this time concentrated on the Junior and Main schools.

You can see the resulting film above. It runs at 08’45” and is designed to be shown at school open days, to be distributed with prospectuses and it will also be streamed on the school website. Having said that, the notoriously short attention span of video viewers online has led the school to also commission a shorter, school-wide film (which includes footage from the earlier Sixth Form video), which will sit on the website’s homepage to give a quick overview of what the school has to offer.

The cartoon image in the film comes from a short animation we made for the film, based on a cartoon strip drawn by a pupil at the school.

Helicopter summer

We’ve had a lot of fun over the summer making films for a couple of long-standing clients Honeywell Skyforce and Specialist Aviation Services.

For Honeywell, we produced a video showcasing their Sentinel helicopter navigation system. This is a follow up to the video we made in 2009 for their police-based Observer system.

The Sentinel film was shot in 4x days in the UK and Seattle, USA and featured 3x case studies (a private customer, an executive charter and the Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance) and a sequence at the Honeywell Flight Test Centre at Paine Field, Everett, just north of Seattle, USA.

As well as air-to-air footage in 2x of the UK locations, we also shot brochure stills on each day.

For SAS, we updated a 12’00” corporate video that we made, also in 2009, to celebrate their 25 years in business. We shot sequences with new clients Essex and Herts Air Ambulance Trust and Trinity House, a 500-year old organisation that looks after the lighthouses around England and Wales. We shot new sequences at SAS HQ in Gloucestershire.

Once again we filmed air-to-air footage on the 2x client days including stills of the Trinity House helicopter landing on the Needles lighthouse, Isle of Wight and load-lifting from the Trinity House ship Galatea.

Beeston theRatandMouse feature

​We’ve long been fans of the London-based property blog theRatandMouse and have had several pieces in it about Beeston Media and our work. It’s a fascinating mix of expert opinion, gloss and gossip. So it was a delight to be asked to do a feature interview for a recent edition about our take on the world of the property video.

When we started this business in 2005 as Propertyclip, property videos were all we produced. The idea had come from director Hamish Beeston’s time working on a DIscovery Channel series, Superhomes, about multi-million pound homes across the globe. Today, we have expanded into other sectors but property still forms a large part of what we do.

Click here for the full interview with Hamish.