Beeston Media - 2015 highlights

‚ÄčIn 2015 we have continued with the record levels of video / stills work reached in 2014, with projects largely split across our main four sectors of Property, Education, Technology and Corporate.

Technically, this year we upgraded our filming equipment to 4k, which has made a huge difference to the quality of our films. There's also the added bonus that clients can take (print-quality) still images directly from the 4k video. To our trusted Wally Dolly track system we have added a DJI Ronin camera-stabilisation rig which gives us more sophisticated moves. We have also forged relationships with a couple of excellent videographics freelancers, whose work has added a new dimension to a number of projects, from simple moving text to whole films created solely from animation.

In PROPERTY, we continued our long-standing association with top-end builders Knowles & Associates and London Projects, producing company profile films for both as well as numerous standalone project films. We have also begun a series of films for Harrison Varma to promote their new Bishops Avenue super-prime Buxmead scheme. Other developer clients include Seqoya and Werner Capital.

Of particular note is a Knightsbridge mews house by London Projects that we shot for the developer. We delivered a full set of stills plus 2x films of the property, which later won us both Videographer of the Month and Photographer of the Month on international real estate blog Photography for Real Estate. This is the first time a single entrant has won the video / stills monthly double-whammy!

Also in Property, we have added a couple of new country house clients to our hush-hush private project roster. I can say very little about these except that the properties are quite extraordinary and helicopters are involved...

In EDUCATION, our association with University of Bristol is entering its fifth year. In 2015, highlights include a series of 7x films to promote a nationwide study of Urban Pollination, an animation-rich public health film about the IUS device and a hospital drama to train students how to deal with alcohol-dependent patients. 

We also made a dozen films for the Law School, shot 70x vox pops for UCAS over one very busy day and filmed dental students practising their art on dead pig heads!

In TECHNOLOGY, we are once again working for air ambulance / police / offshore helicopter creators Specialist Aviation Services. As with many of our clients, with SAS we have moved on from producing a single long tell-all film to instead creating a suite of shorter, more specific videos. We have also shot full range of still images on each location day. Other Technology clients in 2015 include SWS Certification Services, Honeywell Skyforce and veterinary innovation firm Docsinnovent.

Finally, in the CORPORATE sector, notable projects include a couple of stills-only jobs for UK lighthouse institution Trinity House and covering the 2015 Policy & Politics Journal Conference. 

Do please have a look around the website and get in touch to see how we can help you / your business in 2016.