Blue Light Aware

​Do you really know what to do when an Emergency Vehicle approaches?

When Drive Smarter asked us to come and film for their Blue Light Aware campaign, it got us thinking. If an emergency vehicle comes up behind you in a tight spot what should you do? Should you ever go through a red light or go up on to the pavement? And what if there are double white lines?

Armed with Drive Smarter’s carefully worded script, we spent 2 days in April with Fire Engines, Ambulances, Police Cars and bikes. Lights flashing and sirens blaring. We felt the fear of a fire truck coming straight at us, at full tilt, on an airfield. We volunteered to be pulled over by the police. We spent the night in Plymouth’s Fire Station pods.

It was a packed couple of days, and only possible with a host of experts and volunteers. The result is we think we’re much more Blue Light Aware, and we would urge every driver to watch this so they are too!

Check out the Blue Light Aware for more information.