Eye opening videos for charity client

​This month we delivered a set of videos for Quartet Community Foundation

QCF works with donors big and small to provide grants to charities in Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. This year marks the Foundation’s 30th anniversary, and the films both celebrate and explain the great work the team and all the associated volunteers have achieved. It was a privilege to showcase some of the lives their work has changed, from helping young carers have time for themselves through the performing arts to being a lifeline to parents of young children who face hard times.

We produced five short films from our two days of filming: an overview; two case studies; an interview with a donor and an interview with a volunteer. The videos will be used to promote QCF’s work via their website and YouTube channel. If you don’t know QCF’s work it’s really worth taking a look. They carefully research the areas of most need in the local area and provide a lifeline to charities that are too small or busy to fundraise for themselves. Clever investment means donations grow over time so donations can be worth far more than the initial sum. Some of the early donors have seen their investments more than double so they can keep on giving year after year, for ever and ever.