University of Bristol

‚ÄčThis summer has been very academic for us with a fantastic commission to produce over 50 web films for the University of Bristol PR department. The videos cover aspects of academic research and teaching across all 6 faculties and showcase the best of what the university has to offer - everything from Engineering Robots to Theatre Studies.

One highlight, shown here, was filming Professor Mervyn Miles, Head of Nanophysics, using the latest holographic tweezers, complete with cyber-glove, which enable you to manipulate things on a cellular level. In the same way you might squeeze a peach to see if it is ripe, you can now squeeze something as tiny as a cell (some 2/1000 of a millimetre across) and actually feel it with your hand and fingers.

Apparently this is likely to have applications in medicine for people feeling diseased heart tissue. Mind-blowing stuff!