Specialist Aviation

Night Vision Goggles launch film

​Promo film to showcase the introduction of NVG (night vision goggles) flying for HEMS (air ambulance) by Specialist Aviation Services.

Shot in just one evening with the crew of the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance. We also took stills. The project was a great success for the client:

"Throughout the process Beeston Media was a delight to work with: they immediately ‘got’ the messages we wished to portray; they created a style that optimised the resources we were able to bring to bear in a cost efficient way; the finished product has been very favourably received by everyone we have shown it to.  

The film has proved an invaluable training aid for crews new to NVG flying, and existing and potential new Air Ambulance customers who have seen it have all asked for copies to show within their own organisations – it has more than fulfilled it aims, satisfying the diverse requirements of these 2 elements of its target audience. 

I have absolutely no reason to doubt we will be back to Beeston Media for the next Specialist Aviation Services film project."

David Burgess, SAS Group Chief Pilot

Project images